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We specialize in good quality used Subaru Parts, as well as OEM Subaru Parts at discount prices.  We have a large inventory to choose your Subaru part from.  Feel free to
email us for a price quote or if you have any questions.
If you find it cheaper we will try to match it.

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Below are 2 links for some of our most commonly ordered parts.
Please click on the email address at bottom of any of the pages when asking for a specific part price quote. We have a huge inventory of parts and it would be impossible to list all parts in stock on these pages.  Please describe your car and needed part in full detail.


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We Specialize in Subarus Only!

We are a family owned business that for the last 20 years has provided our customers with the best of new and used Subaru parts.

We still believe that the customer should always come first! To All Customers: We realize that the customers are what makes a successful business. Therefore, if the parts we price you are too much, feel free to make an offer!

We deal with Genuine Subaru parts (NEW and USED) and After-market parts, also we can ship any part you need. (Customer is responsible for all Shipping Costs)

Thanks for visiting our Website, hope to do business with you soon.

Sorry we do not have set business hours. Please send us an email with your information on your car and the part(s) that you need.
We look forward to doing business with you.

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